SelectedItem not showing correctly

Use the demo showing on the home page for an example: Step to reproduce: Select any pie-piece from the Pie chart on ALL tab. Select another tab (Bar, for example)....

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Request for WPF DLL targeted to framework 4.0

Hi, i compile it with .NET 4.0 and it works. It is possible to change your source code and use 4.0 instead 4.5 as default? Thanks

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Modern UI chart Bar or column chart lines

Hi All, I want to customize lines displayed in bar and column chart the grid lines On every point there is a line showing to it I want to customize it. Please see the image attached. I have mark...

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Binding Chart and DataGrid to same ObservableCollection

REPOSTING AS ISSUE (ACCIDENTALLY POSTED AS DISCUSSION): I am trying to bind a DataGrid and a PieChart to the same ObservableCollection, however when I view the chart all it shows is a "0", the lege...

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Mordern UI chart Gauge Indicator control

Hi All, As I have seen in the Modern UI chart control sample. I am looking for gauge indicator control. with an indicator in it. Like a semi circle chart with indicator below jus like in a ca...

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Modern UI Chart Controls Not Used in Another Solution

hi tnx for beautiful chart but it work only in your project i added dlls in my project but it didn't work it had a error please help me

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XamlParseException: The property 'Caption' was not found in type 'ChartSeries'. [Line: 317 Position: 44]

hello, i am trying to use modern UI chart control in windows8 market app as per the suggestion in link

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negative or values larger than 100% are not rendered correctly

Hi, I tried the PieChart and RadialGaugeChart. the PieChart does not render values below 0 correctly. Another Pie shows up in some weird way. the RadialGaugeChart will show values above 100% as ...

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How to prevent overlapping of labels in DoughnutChart

Hi i m using DoughnutChart but i m facing the overlapping of labels in DoughnutChart. plz help me how to remove this issue. for further understanding i attach image file. I did not want to reduce ...

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Add interactivity to Chart(Click event)

I need to handle the click event on the chart, upon click it could just return me the associated object. I am following the code from the documentation section and it has a "SelectedItem" property ...

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