RadialGuageChart Value not calculated

I noticed that the RadialGuageChart uses the actual value of the series' items to display percentage instead of calculating the percentage like the Pie Chart. Is there any way to change the behavio...

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SelectedItem not showing correctly

Use the demo showing on the home page for an example: http://www.tetracon.de/charts/: Step to reproduce: Select any pie-piece from the Pie chart on ALL tab. Select another tab (Bar, for example)....

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Request for WPF DLL targeted to framework 4.0

Hi, i compile it with .NET 4.0 and it works. It is possible to change your source code and use 4.0 instead 4.5 as default? Thanks

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Modern UI chart Bar or column chart lines

Hi All, I want to customize lines displayed in bar and column chart the grid lines On every point there is a line showing to it I want to customize it. Please see the image attached. I have mark...

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Binding Chart and DataGrid to same ObservableCollection

REPOSTING AS ISSUE (ACCIDENTALLY POSTED AS DISCUSSION): I am trying to bind a DataGrid and a PieChart to the same ObservableCollection, however when I view the chart all it shows is a "0", the lege...

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Mordern UI chart Gauge Indicator control

Hi All, As I have seen in the Modern UI chart control sample. I am looking for gauge indicator control. with an indicator in it. Like a semi circle chart with indicator below jus like in a ca...

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Modern UI Chart Controls Not Used in Another Solution

hi tnx for beautiful chart but it work only in your project i added dlls in my project but it didn't work it had a error please help me

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XamlParseException: The property 'Caption' was not found in type 'ChartSeries'. [Line: 317 Position: 44]

hello, i am trying to use modern UI chart control in windows8 market app as per the suggestion in link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16662201/not-able-to-use-modern-ui-charts-for-windows-8/16...

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negative or values larger than 100% are not rendered correctly

Hi, I tried the PieChart and RadialGaugeChart. the PieChart does not render values below 0 correctly. Another Pie shows up in some weird way. the RadialGaugeChart will show values above 100% as ...

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How to prevent overlapping of labels in DoughnutChart

Hi i m using DoughnutChart but i m facing the overlapping of labels in DoughnutChart. plz help me how to remove this issue. for further understanding i attach image file. I did not want to reduce ...

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